Hotline Episode 35 - Thursday 3 November 8.20pm

"I have noticed that SBS will be providing live coverage of the 2nd leg of the World Cup Qualifier vs Uruguay on the 16th of November. However, I havenít seen any indication that the 1st leg will be shown on SBS. Who will be showing it?"

Great News Ė We WILL be!
Welcome to Hotline.
Thatís right Live and exclusive on SBS, the first leg of Australia versus Uruguay from Montevideo will be broadcast on Sunday 13 November from 9.30am. Followed by the crucial decider in Sydney, live from Telstra Stadium, on Wednesday 16 November from 7pm.

Hayao Miyazaki Season

"Thanks for showing the Ghibli movies and Ghost in the Shell. I am 16 years old and as one of the many people whose parents canít afford Foxtel and cable, itís so great to see anime on free-to-air TV! I look forward to seeing more, great anime from you guys."

"What a disappointment that Wednesday nights will not have any more of this amazing animation. It is all over and Iím sad. I would love to see them continue."

Itís not all over! We have scheduled another season of anime in December, where on Thursday nights you can see films like Cowboy Bebop, repeats of Neon Genesis films and Blood: The Last Vampire.

Global Village

"Thanks Silvio. This is a wonderful show. One must have extraordinary skills to touch bases of another culture. My 5-year-old son sits in front of the TV well before 6 oíclock with his 18 months old sister though she even canít imagine what Global Village is about."

"I love this show. It is opening my eyes to the world more and more, and it makes me extremely envious of those who travel to all the places in the stories. I think I have mentally marked all the places visited to see when I get "rich"...if it happens."

ďThanks for this show. The program should be compulsory viewing to all. I must say you sure keep a certain shirt maker happy."

Foodlovers' Guide to Australia

"It is the best show on television! The most patriotic! It makes me so proud to live in Australia. Ladies, it is a sheer delight to welcome you each week, into my home."

"This show has no pretentious TV chefs, just genuine people with a passion for food. I love the pace of the show and all the wonderful characters you find that seem to be in our back yards!! Maeve and Joanna are perfect presenters they let the food speak for itself ! I canít work out how they stay so trim with all those fab feasts! Keep up the good work"

I know what youíre talking aboutĖ I just look at food and put on five kilos!
Congratulations to "The Food Lovers' Guide to Australia". They won the highly competitive Gold Ladle for Best Food and Drink Television Show, last Saturday night at the World Food Media Awardsí Good work!

Excellent Cadavers

"The Hot Docs program, Excellent Cadavers, was absolutely fascinating with outstanding footage of events surrounding the deaths of the fighting mafia domination of politics in Sicily. The insights of the photographer and activist against the mafia made the program even more riveting."

Storyline Australia: Pioneers of Love.

"Very very good! It took the generalised pattern of racist brutality and concretised it in a human situation close to everyone - a man, a woman and their family. Thus, a very remote world was made accessible. A unique documentary - both in its style and content. Congratulations to SBS and all concerned."

"At the end of the program it said that the documentary was based on a book. I missed the name of the book; can you tell me what it was called?"

Pioneers of Love is based on the highly acclaimed book My Dark Brother, by Elena Govor. Part two of this dramatised documentary screens just after Hotline tonight (Thursday) within Storyline Australia.

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