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The Ngadjon people

Мой темнокожий брат



Primary sources


A chronological list of publications by Nikolai Ilin (Nicholas Illin)


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 A chronological list of publications by Leandro Illin


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1 Australia


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Other Australian archives

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Thomas Denyer and Emily Russell marriage certificate 16/3045.

Queensland birth, death and marriage records:

Birth 1850–1914; death 1850–1919; marriage 1856–1919.


2 Russia


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3 Argentina


Centro de Estudios Migratorios Latinoamericanos, Buenos Aires [CEML]

Listado parcial de immigrantes [List of immigrants arrived on the Mendoza on 29 June 1897].


4 Private archives


Elena Govor’s archives, Canberra

Flores, Ellen [Nellie] Dale, ‘Memoirs’, 1996.

Illin, Leanne, [Family History] (typescript, 2pp).

Illin, Leanne, Phyllis May Illin (née Rosendale). 20.11.23–6.9.93. [Commemorative booklet, compiled by Leanne Illin, Townsville 1993].

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Mackay, Somerled Jnr, ‘Genealogical Tree of the Illin Family’, 1996.

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with the Atkinson family (tapes 15A–16B)

with George Balias (tape 12A).

with the Gadaloff family (tape 10AB).

with the Illin family (tapes 1A–9B, 13A–14B, 17A).

with Basil Strelnikoff (tape 11A).

with Ric Throssell, 17.09.1997.

Letters to author:

from Flora Hoolihan, 1995–99.

from Basil Strelnikoff, 16.12.1997.

from Roy Phelps, 16.03.1997.

from Valentina Provodina, 1996–2000.


Flora Hoolihan’s archives, Townsville, Queensland

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Illin, N., poetry.

Family photos with inscriptions (1880s–1960s).

Postcards to N. Illin and N. Rosalieff, 1910s.


Vera Ketchell’s archives, Malanda, Queensland

[Daniel, Ludmila] to L. Illin, 1910.

Illin, L. to Harry Williams, early 1930s.

Illin L., [Draft of speech about Dan Sheahan’s poetry], ca. 1938.

Minister for Home Security to Leandro Illin, 21.04.1942.

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Family photos with inscriptions (1890s–1960s).


Other private archives

Gadaloff, M., ‘Memoirs’, 1971: in possession of Peter Gadaloff, Southport, Queensland.

Michael Gadaloff’s archives: in possession of Kathleen Gadaloff, Brisbane.

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